Whose boat got hit by the missile?

Whose boat got hit by the missile? - Woman in a White Shirt Slapping a Man

In the French movie Taxi 2 (2000)

a missile is being fired at the special Peugeot during the police's terror parcours. The missile is being rerouted by the Atlas system and appears to hit the boat/ship of someone (presumably somewhere in the Mediterranean sea).

As common in the franchise, this is most likely a reference to something.

Whose boat is it? Or what is the reference about?

As a reminder: Here's the scene.

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Out-of-universe: scriptwriter cameo

Allociné, one of the French "reference" sites about movies, lists scriptwriter Luc Besson as the "boat owner" (as a cameo). I didn't find an interview or something confirming this, and all the further articles mentioning the cameo seem based on Allociné's page. I'm not great at recognizing faces, but there is a similarity, when comparing to this photo from 2000, the year Taxi 2 was released (photo source: INA).

Side-by-side comparison of the movie boat owner and Luc Besson

In-universe: he's no one

In-universe, the guy appears to be just a playboy with no luck on this day. The missile had to go somewhere and it made for a funny joke (and a cameo occasion).

The guy doesn't come back in any of the Taxi movies, and even in Marseille's history (the city where most of the Taxi movies take place), I don't know of any particular boat-owner guy the franchise would have been very prone to make a joke about.

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June 17, 2022, at 3:20 a.m. KYIV (Reuters) -Ukraine said its forces hit a Russian naval tugboat with two Harpoon missiles in the Black Sea on Friday, the first time it has claimed to have struck a Russian vessel with Western-supplied anti-ship weapons.

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