Why did Aquaman and Mera need a boat?

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In Aquaman, after defeating Black Manta in Italy, Arthur and Mera use a boat to travel to the Missing Kingdom. Presumably, Mera uses her power of controlling the water to drive the boat as there is no one else. My question is, why did they need a boat if both of them - with their Atlantic abilities - can swim much faster underwater than Mera can push the boat with her power?

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At that time Arthur was wounded by Black Manta and lost consciousness.
Even Mera was exhausted due to the fight, She cannot carry Arthur and swim. Hence they used boat.

Mera : Arthur! Stay with me. Wake up.
Arthur : You steal the ship. Boats in the harbor is not public.

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Why do some Atlanteans need water?

According to Mera, only highborn Atlanteans are capable of breathing both water and air, including herself, Orm, Vulko, Atlanna, Nereus, and Scales. Other Atlanteans require water-filled suits to function on land and will suffocate if their helemts are breached.

Why can Mera manipulate water?

Unlike her husband, Mera is a pure Atlantean, meaning that there is no human DNA anywhere in her body. As a result of this, Mera possesses other abilities that Arthur simply can't acquire. This is where Mera's ability to control water comes from.

Why can Arthur Curry talk to fish?

For much of his comic book existence, the answer was no, Arthur Curry only had what is called \u201cmarine telepathy.\u201d What's more, he could seemingly communicate more easily with smaller fish, and had a slightly harder time making mental connections with seafaring mammals like dolphins and whales (despite certain versions ...

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