Why did Mitsuha and Taki connect in the first place?

Why did Mitsuha and Taki connect in the first place? - Selective Color Photography of Golden Gate Bridge, California

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In the movie Your Name the boy Taki and the girl Mitsuha spend a lot of time switching bodies and looking for each other, but have a very hard time doing so.

They are separated in time. This allows for a time loop where Mitsuha who at that point in the story have switched body with Taki many times, go look for him in Tokyo, but Taki does not know her, as to him the story has not happened yet. She gives him her hairband which enables the story to begin for him.

The question is, I understand that they have bonded for the story to be told, but how did it turn out to be exactly those two in the first place. Why Taki? Because she wished to be reborn as a hansome Tokyo boy?

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Why did Mitsuha and Taki connect in the first place? - Golden Gate Bridge
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How did Taki and Mitsuha meet at the end?

Taki met Miki at Yotsuya Station. Taki was checking his schedule at a Starbucks Caf\xe9, with Tessie and Sayaka nearby. Taki and Mitsuha finally met each other physically.

Why are Taki and Mitsuha in weathering with you?

The ending of 'Your Name' takes place in 2022, meaning that Taki graduated and began job searching sometime between the events of 'Weathering With You' and the end of 'Your Name. ' This of course means that Taki and Mitsuha still have no memories of the events that occurred between them in 2013/2016.

When did Taki and Mitsuha first meet?

2013YearDayOriginal timeline2013October 3Mitsuha woke up, unknowingly cried.Mitsuha decided to go to Tokyo to meet Taki.Mitsuha met young Taki on a train, but he didn't know who she is.Mitsuha went back to Itomori and asked her grandmother to cut her hair.48 more rows

How did Taki and Mitsuha fall in love?

Taki got enamored with Itomori, the landscape, the tradition of the Miyamizus, their practices at the Shrine, as well as with people surrounding him as Mitsuha. And in Mitsuha's case, probably she began to loved him when she took care of his well-being and her experiences in Tokyo.

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