Why did Thor not aim for the arm holding the gauntlet?

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I think it's been enough time for this to not be a spoiler about Avengers: Infinity War. But still,

So, at the end(ish)

Thor takes his mighty axe and slams it into Thanos, deliberately not killing him so he can gloat about it first. At which point Thanos says he should have gone for his head and clicks his fingers anyway [possibly ending life] for half the universe.

I understand, to a point, why didn't Thor go for his head (in Thor's logic anyway), but why didn't he just bring the axe down on Thanos' left arm at the shoulder (which he was close to anyway) removing his arm completely, both keeping him alive for Thor's chance to rub it in his face, at the same time preventing him from operating the gauntlet as it would be on the ground and thus, inoperable by Thanos?

It's a semi-plot hole that's been bugging me since I saw the movie for the first time way back when, but I've not seen anyone else bring it up, nor offer any theories (other than narrative for all the movies) why that wouldn't occur to Thor.

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Just an impulsive decision he made, as cleared by himself, from comicbook

"I would argue that the fan base could be equally upset with Thor, who chose to throw that ax into Thanos chest and not his head," Joe Russo tells ComicBook.com. "Because he wanted to tell Thanos that he got his revenge."

The God of Thunder hasn't been known for his intelligence but acting on impulse and emotion throughout his tenure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His choice to act on his hunger for revenge rather than simply ending the feud and killing Thanos without claiming his revenge through dialogue fits.

"Had he gone for a kill shot, that snap would not have happened. These are choices that characters who are feeling immense pain make and hopefully, the audience can learn to empathize with those characters because they can grow through stories," Joe Russo went on. "Stories can teach us things and that we should try to see every choice from the perspective of the character that made the choice."

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Why didnt Thor wield the gauntlet?

After successfully doing the time heist & getting all the Infinity stones, there was a discussion going on about who should wear the Gauntlet & do the snap to which Thor showed his desire to do the snap in order to contribute somehow & reduce his guilt however he was stopped by his fellow Avengers not just because he ...

What if Thor aimed for the arm?

If Thor had aimed for the hand, he could've cut off the Infinity Gauntlet and the Avengers could've gotten it while Thanos is in agony. He wouldn't have to kill Thanos and they could still stop him.

Would Thor have been able to use the gauntlet?

Being a demi-god, Thor is capable of using all six Infinity Stones at the same time, perhaps even more so than the Hulk. Granted that he did gain weight in the five years since he ruthlessly beheaded Thanos in the garden after learning that he destroyed all the gems, he's still physically strong.

Why Captain Marvel did not use the gauntlet?

As per the latest theory, the main reason why Captain Marvel didn't use gauntlet was because of Professor Hulk's reverse snap. After all the Avengers assemble the Marvel's Infinity Stones, Professor Hulk wears the gauntlet and do the reverse snap to bring everyone back.

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Answer 2

It's unclear that Thor was properly briefed about the Gauntlet

As @morbo has kindly pointed out in comments, Thor does not know what Thanos has done when he does the 'snap' and extinguishes half of all life in the universe.

THANOS: You should have gone for the head. [Snaps fingers of the Infinity Gauntlet]



THOR: What did you do?

While Thor's cluelessness seems shocking, in fact his early removal from the 'main' narrative of the movie means that he is very poorly briefed about the threat of Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet and ultimate plan.

Thor first encounters Thanos at the opening of the movie when Thanos has only one Infinity Stone. Having been soundly beaten and cast adrift in space, he then heads on an individual quest to obtain a Thanos-killing weapon, thus entirely missing the battle where Thanos defeats Strange, Stark, Quill et al and obtains further Infinity Stones.

When Thor arrives at Wakanda he is pitched straight into battle and there may have been no time to brief him of Thanos's plan and the criticality of the remaining stones and the Infinity Gauntlet.

Had Thor known what would happen, it is highly unlikely that he would have taken the outrageous risk of gloating over Thanos, jeopardizing Thor's own revenge and half of life in the universe.

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Because Thor wanted Thanos to know that he was the one killing him and to gloat.

After all, after driving it into his chest, Thor snidely says to Thanos "I told you. You'd die for that" in reference to his promise to Thanos for killing Heimdall.

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