Why does Claire tell Raffi he's "nine"?

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In the movie Collateral Beauty, in the following dialogue between Claire and Raffi, I can't understand why Claire calls Raffi "nine":

Claire: "That was the worst thing I've ever done."

Raffi: "That was the best thing I've ever done."

Claire: "What was that thing you said about Einstein in there?"

Raffi: "Einstein called time a stubbornly persistent illusion."

Claire: "What's that even mean?"

Raffi: "Time doesn't go from January to December, or from noon to midnight. You know, we all just make it that way in our heads."

Claire: "That's absurd. Try telling that to a person who's an hour late to a wedding or was just sentenced to 20 years in jail."


Raffi: "Or someone fighting a baby clock."

Claire: "We really don't need to have this conversation, ever. Anyway, just... Yeah, wanted to say great job today."

Raffi: "Just a stubborn illusion, Claire. You have all the time in the world."

Claire: "You're nine!"

Raffi: "You're nine."

Raffi isn't a 9 year old boy, so it's not about his age, I guess. What does it mean then?

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