Why does Gus want the cartel to find Nacho?

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In Better Call Saul S06E01 ("Wine and Roses"), Gus arranges a motel for Nacho to hide and orders him to stay put. In S06E02 ("Stick and Carrot"),

Mike leaves the telephone number of the motel in Nacho's apartment for the cartel to find,

thus leading them to his location.

This doesn't make sense to me. The cartel wants to find out who Nacho was working for. Gus shouldn't want the cartel to find out that Nacho was working for him. In my view, Gus has only two options:

  1. Help Nacho vanish.
  2. Send Nacho to Belize.

What is his plan?

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The cartel has orders to bring Nacho in alive for information on who he works for. If he is killed by someone else it may look suspicious, Nacho being silenced while Gus is the prime suspect for the attack on Lalo doesn't look good for Gus. However, if Nacho is killed during a shootout with the cartel, the cartel leaders will likely come to the conclusion that their men were too aggressive and made a mistake by accidentally killing Nacho. This way it doesn't look like Nacho was silenced by anyone.

There was a guy hired to watch Nacho and kill him whenever the cartel showed up to make this happen. Nacho spots him and ruins Gus' plan. Notice how the guy watching him gets a call right after Nacho tells Tyrus he's leaving. Calling Tyrus was Nacho's test, so he can find out whether the guy watching him works for Gus and has been hired to kill Nacho, but only after the cartel arrive.

Nacho keeps trying to call Mike because he trusts Mike, not Gus. He knows Mike wouldn't approve of killing him, but that Gus wouldn't hesitate to do so. Mike wouldn't answer Nacho's call because he was told not to interfere with Gus' plan.

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Why is Gus setting up Nacho?

This revelation of Lalo's survival prompts Gus & Mike's Nacho strategy to switch from letting the Salamancas kill him in Better Call Saul season 6's opening episodes, to the daring search-and-rescue of episode 3.

Did Gus betray Nacho?

Nacho realizes he is being surveilled, meaning Gus has betrayed him to the cartel. The Cousins search the motel but Nacho escapes. Mike has a standoff with Gus and Tyrus because Mike wants to lead a team to find Nacho but Gus wants to force Nacho to reveal himself by taking Manuel hostage.

What was the plan with Nacho?

The plan was simple and grim: Gus would deliver a ziptied Nacho to Hector (Mark Margolis) \u2014 who was flanked by the Cousins (Daniel and Luis Moncada) \u2014 Nacho would confess a concocted story about who ordered the hit, and as he'd try to escape, Victor (Jeremiah Bitsui) would shoot him dead, saving him from a tortuous end ...

Did Mike give Nacho the glass?

So, when Nacho grabs Juan Bolsa and Mike says "do it," was this his plan all along? The glass was left to give Nacho a means of escape, and by then seizing Bolsa's gun, he can take down Don Eladio's second-in-command. Perhaps Mike would've opened fire too, gunning down the Salamancas before they shoot back at Nacho.

Why Mike Wanted Nacho To Kill Juan Bolsa In Better Call Saul

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To establish that, Nacho did stuff on his own rather than on the orders of Gus(who is his employer). By doing so...it would look like he's in the clear.

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