Why doesn't Gibbs lock his house?

Why doesn't Gibbs lock his house? - Black Handled Key on Key Hole

In NCIS, Gibbs never locks his house. I've always thought that it's a fun quirk, but has there ever been an explanation of his thought process behind it?

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Because it has no lock, duh.

No, there has been no stated reason why Gibbs doesn't care about locking his house, in universe or out of universe, aside from the story telling reason of being able to have random conversations.

It has been this way since season 1 Episode 2 where DiNozzo first learns this.

In Season 7, episode 3, Tony even points out there is no lock, meaning it can't even be locked if they wanted it to.

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Why doesn't Gibbs lock his house? - Closed Door and Lighted Light Sconce
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Why doesn't Gibbs lock his house? - Key with trinket in shabby door

How did Gibbs get the boats out of his basement on NCIS?

Gibbs is nowhere to be found\u2014and in his basement, only a boat-shaped hole in the wall is left. It appears that every time Gibbs builds a boat and completes it, he removes the bricks in the wall to allow its passage outside.

What episode of NCIS does Gibbs go undercover?

When Gibbs spots the brother of a Most Wanted suspect, he assumes an old alias and goes undercover with their anti-government militia.

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