Why is Heisenberg shown dead in Negro y Azul?

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We see Heisenberg dead at the end of the music video playing at the start of Breaking Bad S2:E7.

Is this an incongruity? Maybe a plotline that was ruled out? Or just a bit of fun? I love it but the very end just doesn't seem to make much sense considering how the show plays out with the Cartel.

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That is just a music video of a narcocorrido song explaining that Heisenberg now has a reputation in Mexico and to show how the cartel feels about Heisenberg. If you look closely, the Heisenberg shown isn't even Walter White, but a younger person. The cartel don't know him, their only reference is the drawing.

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Why was Negro Azul in Breaking Bad?

The episode opens with the band Los Cuates de Sinaloa performing a song called "Negro y Azul" ("Black and Blue"), which is about how a gringo boss named Heisenberg is disrespecting the Mexican drug cartel by cornering the Albuquerque market with high-quality blue crystal methamphetamine.

What is the meaning of Negro y Azul?

English Translation. black and blue. More meanings for negro y azul. black-and-blue.

Is Heisenberg dead Breaking Bad?

'El Camino' proved Heisenberg is dead And during an interview with Rolling Stone, Cranston admitted to doing a bit of trolling. \u201cI got [asked about Walt's death] so much that I would even tease them. My answer was always, 'Yeah, he's dead he's dead he's dead,'\u201d Cranston said.

Who killed Heisenberg Breaking Bad?

To recap, Walter died of a gunshot wound in the series finale. In an attempt to get revenge on Uncle Jack and his crew, he hooked up a machine gun to his car that went off when he hit a button on his key. The gun killed nearly everyone but struck Walter in the process.

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