Why was Hank tagging trees in the college?

Why was Hank tagging trees in the college? - College Students Standing Near the Body of Water

In S5E8, Hank talks about the job he had when he was on college and implies how simple, but easy the life was back then to Walt. Why that job is selected as the college job of Hank by the writers? Why not delivering newspapers for example? Is there a symbolism/metaphor here?

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Hank said:

Oh, yeah? Back in college, I'd spend my days marking trees in the woods with this-- this orange spray can.


Crews would come in later and find the trees I tagged and cut them down.

First, you go in, and you mark locations for skid trails and landings. Then you choose specific trees all within a selected grid. (Script source: springfieldspringfield)

Now if you read it attentively you will notice he said orange spray and what other orange prominent thing was in that episode? "Prison uniform", Hank and DEA has marked those people orange too who get killed. Same fate as the tree. So this tree tagging story is just a parallel to what happen to the prisoners.

Same was concluded by ew.com too.

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The reason Hank doesn't want to go to El Paso is because he has unfinished business with the Blue Meth, he HAS TO GET HEISENBERG and only then will Hank move on.

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Breaking Bad is one of the rare series that features a villain as a protagonist. Whereas Walt is evil, Hank is good. For all intents and purposes, he is the hero of the show.

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