Why would Walter leave that book in the bathroom?

Why would Walter leave that book in the bathroom? - Woman covering face while reading book in nature

He was so careful about everything, why would he leave the book in the bathroom? Was it anything more than the writers just not knowing how to make Hank figure it out, so they came up with that nonsensical plot device?

Or was there some legitimate reason he left it there (other than the dumb "he wanted to get caught")?

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I disagree that it was out of character. Walt is arrogant, and while cautious he's also an amateur criminal as pointed out many times through out the series. This is why Saul was able to easily find him in Season 2 Episode 8 where he confronts him in his classroom and tells him if I can find you, how far behind can the cops be? And also a big part of why Mike hates him so much. He's arrogant and reckless.

Walt even confesses outright to Hank in Season 3 Episode 1 that he has half a million in cash.

Hank: Jeez, what do you got in there, cinder blocks?

Walt: Half a million in cash.

Hank: That's the spirit.

There are plenty of other moments throughout the series which build Walt's character as someone who is yes smart and cautious, but also very arrogant and reckless and its not much of a leap to assume that he might keep the book in his bathroom where others might see it.

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Why would Walter leave that book in the bathroom? - Person Reading Book on Bathtub

Why did Walt have gales book?

Walter knew it and you can see he was never as open or as friendly with Gale in his second stint as Walters lab assistant. He kept the book because Gale was the perfect student for Walter. They shared plenty in common, could work together and Gale showed respect fo...

Did Walt steal the book from Hank?

Kimberkat - Correct, Walt did not steal the book from Hank; however, the book was NOT a gift from Gretchen either. The initials in the book are "G.B." Gretchen's last name is Schwartz (maiden name unknown), meaning her initials are "G.S." and not in the book. The initials refer to that of Gale Boetticher.

Who gave Walt the book in Breaking Bad?

Gale Boetticher had given Walt a copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass, a collection of poems, which has been seen several times since. Prior to giving this gift, Boetticher, an avid Whitman fan, recites "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer", one of the poems found in Leaves of Grass.

Hank Finds Out - Breaking Bad

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The problem is not the book itself, it's the dedication from Gale on page 3 that shows the same "W.W." Hank saw in season 4 (after he was given Gale's file). Hank recalls that very scene ("To W.W. my star, my perfect silence" etc.)

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Walt might not have even seen that dedication, or paid attention to it. He didn't give much esteem to the book (nor to Gale), otherwise it wouldn't have ended up in the toilet!

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