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What does the drowning sequence represent?

In "A Single Man", directed by Tom Ford, and based on eponymous novel by Christopher Isherwood, there is a reoccurring scene that features the protagonist, Geor

Why does the tint color change when George sees Kenny at the bar?

In Single Man (2009) there is a scene where George visits a bar & orders a drink, then he sess Kenny entering the Bar. Suddenly the brown tint of the scen

Why Kenny sleeping with the gun?

In Single Man (2009), in the final scene where George finds Kenny sleeping with his gun under the covers he takes the gun silently & locks it in drawer.

What is the meaning of Kenny words in this scene?

In Single Man (2009), Kenny & George remove their clothes & go swimming at the beach after having drinks at bar. After the swimming is over Kenny tells

What happened to the other dog?

In A Single Man, according to Jim's cousin, Jim only had one dog with him when he died. According to George's memories, they had two dogs. Since George asks a