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Why were only 12 people on Gus's payroll at the beginning of Season 5?

In Breaking Bad S05E02, "Madrigal", Lydia shows Mike a list of 11 people who are on Gus's payroll. Including Mike, this would make 12 people on Gus's payroll.

How was the "Fly" episode directed?

With the advent of CGI, this may come off as foolish, but I really want to know how the episode "Fly" (S03E10) in Breaking Bad was directed, particularly regard

Why is Heisenberg shown dead in Negro y Azul?

We see Heisenberg dead at the end of the music video playing at the start of Breaking Bad S2:E7. Is this an incongruity? Maybe a plotline that was ruled out? O

Why does Walt split his $3 million with Jesse? [duplicate]

In Breaking Bad Walt is hired by Gus on a simple deal $3m for 3 months, and paired to work with Gale initially. Gale presumably is well paid s

Why does Walt punch the towel dispenser in S2E09?

In 4 Days Out, 9th episode of the 2nd season of Breaking Bad, Walt and his family are told by his doctor that his cancer is in remission, which is obviously a v

Does the little boy Brock know who poisoned him?

During Breaking Bad Walt poisoned the little boy Brock using Lily Of The Valley. But while it's not clarified how and when he did that, I was particularly wond

What did Jesse Pinkman mix into Walt's coffee?

In the Season 03 Episode 10 ("Fly"), at 25:00 to 25:40 Jesse makes coffee for Mr. White, and mixes something into it. He's clearly seen afraid of being caught

"Face Off" ending of season 4 of Breaking Bad explained

It has been a while since I watched Breaking Bad so there's a detail that I don't recall concerning the bomb that Walt planted in the nursing home... weren't th

With the Spa laundering money idea, how would Jesse explain the Spa buying in first place?

In the episode Kafkaesque (S03E09), Saul advises Jesse to buy the spa/salon to help him launder money. The idea can probably work, but Jesse will still have to

What does the scene where Walter and Jesse meet in a cafe mean?

What does the scene where Walter White and Jesse Pinkman meet in a cafe mean in El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie? In that scene Walter White and Jesse Pinkman a

Why is it not revealed what Jesse wrote in the letter addressed to Brock?

After landing in Alaska in El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie, Jesse hands over a letter to the vaccum cleaner guy which was addressed to Brock. Why is it not rev

Why didn't Jesse kill this character

Spoilers alert. When Todd takes Jesse out from his cage to 'help' him dispose the dead body of his cleaning lady out in the desert, Jesse gets a golden opportu

Before El Camino, has it been established that Jesse Pinkman graduated high school?

I'm asking in the context of this dialogue in El Camino between Walt and Jesse: Walt: First step, get your GED, that's no problem. Jesse: What do I need a

How did Walter White poison that character?

I've seen Breaking Bad complete series 2-3 times, but I never found out how Walter White was able to poison Brock. I mean did he himself directly feed the Vall

Skylars white's reflection in microwave oven in her last scene in the finale of Breaking Bad?

In the last scene of Breaking Bad between Walt and Skylar, her reflection is seen in the window of the microwave oven. (It looks to me like it was added as a

What is meaning of 'nanny state' conversation in S05E11

In S05E11 of Breaking Bad, a scene made me think of something. In the restroom a guy complained: Nanny state. When I see a kid with his bicycle helmet on,

Walt's Final Assurance to Skyler

In the finale, Walt tells Skyler that after that night, Jack's gang will no longer be a threat to her or the rest of the family. However, Walt's final plan at t

How did Jane start suffocating after smoking heroin?

In Breaking Bad S02E12 I couldn't understand the last scene when Walter came back to Jesse and, while trying to wake him up, Jane just starts vomiting and suffo

Do I need to have watched Better Call Saul before El Camino?

Is there any plot structure in Better Call Saul that is vital -- or even just highly recommended -- to comprehension of El Camino, or is just a good working kno

Why were the villagers and the axe-wielding hitman brothers crawling towards a shrine?

At the start of Season 3 Breaking Bad, we see a bunch of villagers and Tuco's cousins crawling on their bellies towards some shrine where they put a drawing of