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Why was "The Shining" playing at the drive-in?

In Twister, there is a scene at a drive-in movie theater depicting a calm evening with people sitting in their cars watching a movie. Within minutes, a tornado

Could someone actually survive an F-5 category tornado in this manner?

In Twister, there is a scene near the end of the film featuring Bill and Jo strapping themselves onto a metal pipe that apparently goes down into the ground 30

Was Cary Elwes's evil scientist "Dr. Jonas Miller" a last minute addition to Twister (1996)?

I watched Twister for the first time today and was struck by how much of an afterthought the "evil competing scientist" subplot seemed. So much so that I suspec

How is the plot/storyline of the movie "Twister" (1996) predictable? [closed]

I don't understand how the plot/storyline of the movie Twister (1996) is predictable.

How much of Twister is true?

Obviously I know that it's a story but . . . Has anyone actually successfully placed an instrument package into a tornado and received scientific data? In this