Why are Olga and Helga in blue?

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In the Hey Arnold! episode Olga Comes Home, we see that Helga and Olga are depicted in blue in a scene towards the end of the episode. Why is that?

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What nationality is Helga from Hey Arnold?

The name Helga is of Eastern European origin, which means "holy." In the series, Helga's sister is named Olga, which also means "holy." (The names Olga and Helga are variants (respectively, Russian and German) of the same name.)

Does Hey Arnold have a sister?

Olga Pataki is Helga's overachieving, sweet, but ditzy and childish older sister on Hey Arnold! She attends the fictional Wellington College, though in one episode, Helga says that Olga attends Bennington College, which is an existing college located in Vermont.

Why is Helga mean to Arnold?

Another reason she continues to bully Arnold is to hide her feelings for him out of fear of rejection. She easily gets jealous of any girl who he has a crush on, and often attempts to sabotage any chances he has with the other girl.

How old was Olga in Hey Arnold?

During the flashback in "Helga on the Couch", Olga's stated to have been 15-years-old when Helga had her first day of preschool -- since most kids usually start preschool when they're around 3-years-old, this would mean that Olga's at least 12-years-older than her sister.

Hey Arnold! Olga Pataki Character Analysis - Helga's PERFECT Sister 🤩 [E.22]

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