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Was "The Black Echo"'s diegetic existence merely a nod to the books or an element from the books?

When Bosch spends the night with Brasher in his hill house overviewing L.A. and she notes that it is quite a view for a detective, he says that "Paramount payed

Is there any hard evidences for the bone case in Bosch season 1?

In tv show, Bosch, season 1. The cold case about a body that was murdered 20 years ago; Bosch arrested and attempted to charge a guy for this murder. But all t

What file is Bosch reading at the end of season 5?

At the very end of Season 5 Bosch sits in his house and engages what seems to be an old case file. What is this about and how is it related to the rest of t

Why were the addicts periodically taken by the "bad guys" to the camp in the desert?

Why were the addicts periodically taken by the "bad guys" to the camp in the desert in the fifth season of Bosch? There doesn't seem to be any reason stated or

What's the point of Harry's flashbacks in "Birdland" (S03 Episode 06)

Throughout the entire episode "Birdland" (6th episode of the third season of Bosch) we're shown a flashback from Harry's childhood, eating cranberry cobbler at

In Bosch Season 3, what was the villain's original plan? (spoiler)

Note: it's impossible to even ask the question without spoiling several big events in Season 3. That said, you won't be able to help me if you haven't seen the

How does Joey Marks know which bank to go to in S2E8 "Follow The Money"?

Spoiler warning: this question spoils most of the details of the main case in Season 2 of Bosch, specifically episodes 1-8. (It doesn't discuss eps. 9 or 10.) I