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Why Virginia changing the position of flower vase?

In Entrapment (1999), Virginia is entered into building through window to steal Rembrandt portrait. After entering into the house, she changed the position of f

What exactly did Virginia install at the four corners of the glass window before entering into the house?

In Entrapment (1999), Virginia's aim is to steal a Rembrandt portrait in an office. So she planned the stealing at night time and while entering into the buildi

Why authorities didn't change retina scan of building after CEO got kidnapped?

In Entrapment (1999), here CEO of Petronas Towers got kidnapped in public to get his retina scan used to enter into vault contained a computer which can access

Why Robert & Virginia plan theft at final seconds of the new 2000 millennium countdown?

In Entrapment (1999), Robert & Virginia planned a bigger heist in Kuala Lumpur: $8 billion from the "International Clearance Bank" in the North Tower of the

How did Virginia jump from bullet trains when it slowed down? [closed]

In Entrapment (1999), At Pudu Train station, Officials are ready to arrest Virginia, so she somehow step into the train & escapes. so offi

Why Robert pointing his lasers to the room's laser? [closed]

In Entrapment (1999), Robert & Virginia are going to steal China Mask. They entered into destination from underground, & Robert bought

Why is Robert against liquid-plasma type screens?

In Entrapment (1999), Aaron bought tools for the robbery & Robert reacted to it like this: "I specifically said no liquid-plasma screen". I already c

Why does Thibadeaux let Mac and Gin go through with the heists?

In the film Entrapment (1999), why would Thibadeaux, being an FBI agent, allow Gin and Mac to pull off the heists at all? In other words, what was the point o