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Blockbusters - Why 2 v 1?

The quiz show, Blockbusters was unusual in the way it had uneven teams: The blue team had 2 players who would compete against white's 1, though the blues had to

Fort Boyard - why using a solved game?

In early seasons during the Time Hunt stage they played a game of 20 sticks - a participant played with Maître de jeu and has always been the one to make

Did anyone ever confirm the canonical Monty Hall problem results by analyzing actual TV shows?

One of the most vexing paradoxes in probability theory is the Monty Hall problem, which is from a 1960s TV show called "Let's Make a Deal", hosted by Monty Hall

On "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" what's the largest margin by which the audience has been incorrect? [closed]

When using the "ask the audience" lifeline, what's they largest margin by which the audience has been incorrect? For example, if the correct a

How is "Ellen's Game of Games" legal?

It is actually federal law that game shows cannot have pre-determined outcomes, and my research suggests that it also bans the host from influencing the outcome

How can The Voice have live voting during the quarantine?

On Monday night, The Voice was aired with a studio audience, which makes me think it was taped before the quarantine. But then at the end of the episode, they

Does the dictionary help Susie Dent on Catsdown, or is she just that quick?

What is Catsdown? Susie Dent is the permanent judge of the Letters Round on Countdown and Catsdown. On Catsdown, Dent only uses a dictionary. In the Letters Rou

In the British game show Countdown, how are the numbers 6 and 9 differentiated?

When Rachel Riley (and Carol Vorderman before her) pull the small numbers from the stack for the numbers round, how is the number six differentiated from the nu