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What is the machinery at the top of the elevator in Mission: Impossible?

Towards the beginning of the film Mission: Impossible, the first person on the team to die is Jack. He's on top of the elevator when it starts uncontrollably a

Question about Jim and Claire's relationship

In the first Mission: Impossible movie, towards the end, Jim Phelps kills his wife, Claire. Up until then, we know that they were working together on framing Et

Why didn't Jack Harmon simply enter the embassy basement by himself?

Mission: Impossible (1996) established that the crew could simply open/close elevator doors at whatever floor of the building, and Jack already had access to th

What does the quote "Hasta lasagna" mean in Mission Impossible I?

Around min 10 into the movie, Jack Harmon tells Ethan not to chew the explosive gum by saying: "Hasta lasagna don't get any on ya" What does this mean? Why does

How did Ethan Hunt know Max's email id?

In the movie Mission Impossible (1996) we see a scene where Ethan returns to the mission base (referred as Crow's Nest by Phelps) and after understanding that J

Why does the TGV Train stop at the end of Mission Impossible?

At the end of Mission Impossible (1996) the TGV train goes into the tunnel and the helicopter follows. When a driver/pilot of the train sees the helicopter foll