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How could someone return to Earth if there isn't any way to put them into hibernation?

In the 2016 film Passengers, Jennifer Lawrence's character Aurora Lane says that her plan was to travel to the planet Homestead II, live there for one year, and

What would happen after their deaths?

I just watched Passengers (2016), and I loved it. Makes me wish that they'd come out with some sort of a sequel. One question I have is how they died. When Gus

Why was the ship running at full capacity before any passengers were expected to be awake?

In Passengers (2016), the ship is running all its systems even though nobody is expected to be awake for another 90 years. Why is that? I'm especially talking t

Why do the two main characters not have children?

Is there any explanation in the movie that I missed as to why the two main characters in Passengers have no children despite living 60 or more years after getti

Was the end of Passengers realistic?

At the end of the movie Passengers, the 2 main characters have grown a garden. That's understandable; earlier we saw plants growing on one part of the ship. But

Why are the crew members in Passengers locked in?

Why was the whole crew of the ship in Passengers locked in a separated room which no regular passenger had access to? What reason could there be to separate th

Why are the Passengers in the pods?

I just watched the movie Passengers and I am not understanding whether in future we have invented a way for humans to live forever but keeping all 5000 people w

Why can't Jim get a better coffee/breakfast?

The logic in Passengers seems flawed that Jim could send a $6000 message back to earth, buy whatever he wanted at the bar and for dinner, but he could never get

Why did the android remark on Aurora's beauty?

In Passengers, the android Arthur remarked on Aurora's beauty when he first saw her: "Who's the lovely lady?" According to science, androids or robots d

Why doesn't Arthur keep his promise in Passengers?

In Passengers, there is a scene where Arthur tells Aurora that Jim couldn't wait to wake her up from hibernation. But Jim specifically tells Arthur, an android,

Why must the Avalon be perpetually in autopilot?

In the movie Passengers (2016), it is demonstrated that 2 sensible adults, with proper authorization and even without proper formal training, can do quite a bit

Why does Jim have no back story?

In Passengers, Chris Pratt's character "Jim", apparently has no backstory to his character. When being "interviewed" by Aurora, he even avoids answering the que

Why did the Avalon make round trips if Aurora was going to be the first to ever take one?

Why would a colonization trip like the Avalon make a round-trip voyage to carry one returning passenger? It seems like it would be better for the colonists to d

In Passengers, why is Jim waking up in the first place?

I remember that there was initially a meteor strike, but It does not come clear to me why this, above all things, would cause a hibernation pod to malfunction.

How was the captain of the spaceship awake all throughout from the start of their journey?

The captain of the spaceship in Passengers suddenly comes in out of nowhere to complain about a tree being planted. Was the captain inside a pod or was he awake

Why didn't Jim's hair and beard grow during hibernation?

In Passengers, why didn't Jim's hair and beard growing? Even after we die, beards and nails are supposed to grow?