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How was 1917 filmed as a continuous shot?

I just saw the new Sam Mendes film 1917 and was really impressed with the continuous shot approach, especially given the setting in the trenches of WW1. I've se

How did Blake get to this place?

Sorry about the vague subject line, but it's the best I could think of that wasn't a spoiler for 1917. At the end of the movie, Schofield meets up with Tom Bla

Why did Blake fire his flare gun?

Not long after LCpl. Blake Saves LCpl. Schofield from a collapsing German bunker He and Schofield get into an argument about continuing on with their per

Why does the German line (trenches) look similar to the British line?

At the start of the movie 1917, they are walking in British line's trenches where they have names for each section. After they come to the deserted German line

What could have resulted in such a huge crater in WW I?

In the movie, 1917, there is huge crater filled with muddy water and bodies, what could have caused it? It is a bit too big for an artillery shell.

Had the Devons advanced outside British controlled territory?

Why was the route taken by Blake and Schofield in 1917 considered the best possible route to reach the Devons to deliver the order to stop the attack? They had

Why did Will trade his medal for wine?

I saw 1917. I am a not a native English speaker and had to watch it in OV without subtitles, and I had dificulty understanding everything during some scenes be

What is the significance of this song in 1917?

In the World War 1 movie 1917, when Lance Corporal Schofield washes ashore the river, he hears a person singing a song. He then advances towards the voice and f

What were the flares being used for in Écoust?

In 1917, during the scene where Schofield travels through Écoust at night, there are white phosphorous flares being shot over the city, which helps to li

Why does Schofield hear church bells when the church is on fire?

In the middle of 1917, Schofield is in Ècoust. He sees a church on fire and then hides in a French woman's apartment. There he hears bell ringings. Which

What was going on in the town after dark in 1917?

Why was the French town of Écoust, occupied by scattered German troops, on fire at night? The reason for why there were flares being launched was answere

Electric portable lamps in 1917 - how realistic is this depiction?

I've just seen "1917" and when Schofield and Blake were in enemy trenches - the rat tripwire scene - they were using some portable lamps. My question is - how

Meaning of a couple lines in the introduction of 1917 (2019 film)

At the beginning of 1917, we see Blake and Schofield chatting on their way to receiving their orders, giving the audience a taste of their personalities and fri

Why did General Erinmore quote a Rudyard Kipling line here?

In 1917 (2019), Schofield and Tom Blake, are ordered by General Erinmore to carry a message to Colonel Mackenzie: General Erinmore: You should meet no resis

Why didn't Brigadier General Erinmore try to airdrop his message to Colonel Mackenzie?

I'm asking about the 2019 film 1917. An airdrop appears trustworthier, and less risky and bloody than sending two men across no man's land to reach the abandone

Why did Brigadier General Erinmore send two Lance Corporals, not junior commissioned officers?

At various junctures in 1917, Lance Corporal Schofield and Blake are doubted or challenged by their fellow British soldiers. Doubtless this physically grueling

What did the German pilot say while being rescued by the main characters?

In 1917 the German pilot had screamed and then said something (in German) in a slightly more calm manner during his rescue from the burning plane. I do not know

In 1917, would a British Army Colonel truly have told a Lance Corporal to "fuck off"?

At 2:07 of this clip from the 2019 movie 1917, Colonel MacKenzie (of the Second Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment), whose "decorations indicate he's a vetera

Significance of the cut on the hand in 1917

What is the significance of Schofield getting his hand cut on the barbed wire in the movie 1917? That hand pops up many times. First the hand gets cut on wire.