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What did Beetlejuice want for payment?

In the movie, Beetlejuice talks about getting the Maitland's business, yet we never hear what he wanted from them What did he expect for compensation?

Do all dead people have magic abilities?

In Beetlejuice (1988), we see Beetlejuice use all sorts of magic from changing his clothes to becoming a snake to sending people to Saturn. Do all dead people g

Did Barb and Adam own the hardware shop?

At the beginning of Beetlejuice, Barbara and Adam Maitland stop to get something from the local hardware shop- named Maitland Hardware. For a small town it seem

What was Charles' problem with the plumbing? [closed]

When the Deetzes are first moving into the Maitland's home, Charles says "We're going to have to rip out all that plumbing, but other than tha