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What is the meaning of the "Do not turn off" label on the switch in Jimmy's office?

In S2E1 "Switch" Jimmy moves into a new office and his attention is brought to a sign "Do not turn off" taped over a switch on the wall. He looks at it and deci

Jimmy telling Chuck he's a lawyer and Chuck getting "sick"

I was wondering what the timeline was from when Jimmy told Chuck he passed the bar and Chuck getting "sick" in Better Call Saul. Was Chuck's illness based on a

Is Jimmy's trial realistic in Better Call Saul? [closed]

I've just watched early episodes of Better Call Saul's latest season. From a French guy's point of view, Jimmy's trial seems a bit ridiculous.

Is it realistic that Jimmy's friend from the district attorney's office is so poor?

In Better Call Saul S03E03, Jimmy sits next to his old friend Bill Oakley (played by Peter Diseth) who is a Deputy District Attorney. Jimmy pulls out a burger a

Why does Mike call Jimmy "Saul"?

In Breaking Bad, Mike clearly calls Jimmy by his alternate name "Saul" multiple times. In Better Call Saul, we see that their paths are crossed quite considerab

Why does Chuck McGill end the season like this?

At the end of the Season 3 of Better Call Saul, Chuck McGill ends (I think) with a full win situation and obtains everything he wants: He manages to extort a h

Call Sauls phone number seems real?

In season 3 episode 5 in the opening credits there is a shot of a bus bench with a Better Call Saul and the phone number is (505) 503-4455, instead of a 555 num

Why do Mike and Tuco have the same boxing charm?

At the beginning of Better Call Saul S2E04, we see Mike sitting on his couch admiring some kind of boxing gloves charm. And then, later in the episode when Mik

Is there a hidden meaning behind 'Smoke On The Water' in Better Call Saul?

I'm referring to the two times when Marco hums the song to himself whilst on a scam-mission, just before he's approached by Jimmy and their unsuspecting victim.

What did Mike write in Tina's birthday card

In the first episode of the 4th season of Better Call Saul, Mike is asked to sign a birthday card for Tina, what did Mike write to her? I can't understand the w

What is the reason for using this sound effect for Gus Fring (season 4 episode 2)?

In "Better Call Saul", season 4, at the end of the episode 2 when Gus Fring pronounces the final sentence, his voice tone is made lower, the voice itself is mad

Why was Jimmy so condescending (S4 EP2)

In the episode Breathe, Jimmy goes on a job interview for a sales position in a copier/printer store. He did a spectacular job at selling himself and ends up be

What happened to Charles' shares in HHM?

In the season 4 episode 2 of Better Call Saul, we heard that Charles has left his house to Rebecca. There were only a few letters and 5K dollars left to Jimmy.

What was the meaning of Kim squeezing a ball under the table in the latest Better Call Saul opening

The opening sequence of the latest episode of Better Call Saul S4.E7 "Something Stupid" was really interesting. The whole opening shows a split screen montage w

Why would Mike give the German engineers his real name?

Why would Mike give the German engineers his real name? When the head German engineer and Mike are talking in S4E7, the engineer tells him the meaning of 'Ehrma

Why has AMC stopped censoring the use of the f-word as seen this season in Better Call Saul?

Better Call Saul has had 2 non-bleeped uses of the f-word this season that I've noticed. In the past, AMC shows have typically bleeped these words from the epis

Was Gus ready to have Walter White killed if he refused to cook after he shows him the lab for the first time?

I finished watching Better Call Saul. No spoilers -- but in light of the methods Gus employs to ensure the secrecy of the lab... can we retrospectively suggest

What is the significance of Jimmy's restaurant scenes in Better Call Saul?

In S01E01 in a starting scene, we see Jimmy working in a restaurant. We see similar scenes at the start of many episodes. How did Jimmy end up working there? a

Are the ice-cream scenes foreshadowing something?

In Better Call Saul S05E01, we see Saul Goodman drop his ice cream cone and go with Nacho Vargas. In S05E02, we see multiple scenes of that dropped ice cream,

What is the significance of Lyle cleaning the fryer in Better Call Saul S5E4?

Close to the end of episode S5E4 of Better Call Saul Lyle, an assistant manager, is closing the restaurant after a shift and saying bye to the workers of Los Po