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Are scripts seeded to identify leaks?

After reading that the Hateful Eight script was leaked after Tarantino gave it to only three actors, I wondered why scripts aren't customized to help track thei

Role of Karma in Movies [closed]

I think karma plays an important role in any script and it will attract more viewers/audience. As an example of karma in a lot of stories the

Why were certain changes made from the stage to movie version of "Sound of Music?'

The movie version of the Sound of Music followed the stage version fairly closely. But some meaningful changes were made. Specifically, the movie version added

Why doesn't John Truby write screenplays? [closed]

The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller by John Truby is arguably the first book a screenwriter is supposed to study t

Making nature documentaries: scripting then filming or the other way?

In nature documentaries, do the crews agree on a general script then set out to film the scenes that illustrate the script? Or do they film what they can (anima

Why was this lined changed in No Country for Old Men?

In the opening scene of No Country For Old Men (2007), Tommy Lee Jones's character, Sheriff Bell, gives a voice over monologue in which he mentions sending a bo

Is this what the screenwriter intended?

Robert Towne wrote Chinatown, a script widely believed to be a masterpiece. He also wrote Mission : Impossible 2. Is there any evidence that his original script

How are children prepared when they have to swear [duplicate]

In Stranger Things Season 2, the young actors fought to use curse words, and in Kick-Ass Chloe Moretz admitted her parents gave her permission

Has the prevalence of original film scripts changed?

Obviously, some screenplays are adapted from other works, whereas others are written from scratch. Intuitively, it seems like there would be fewer original sc

How is narrative affected by cinema turnover schedules?

My question comes from part of an answer on Writers which says, in part... Forcing the story to fit a rigid, arbitrary amount of pages – like a screen

What do abbreviations in movie scripts stand for?

What do abbreviations in movie scripts stand for? For example, EXT., INT., (O.S.), (V.O.), ...

How are intertitles (title cards) denoted in silent movie scripts?

Most modern film scripts tend to have very strict formatting with regards to action, characters, and dialogue. Yet I cannot find many silent film scripts which

What is the most remade movie story?

The current movie industry seems to be engaged in an orgy of remakes to reduce the risk of funding completely new scripts. We have had a recen

How do the movies shoot with character in multiple mirrors?

In movies how are these shots taken? With a character in multiple mirrors? sometimes in broken mirror pieces?

How much is a director responsible for? [closed]

I have heard lots of complaints about the recent Star Wars trilogy focusing on the directors. The first that it was a retread. The second that

Breaking Bad script and actual episode are totally similar, is that usual?

I was reading the script of the excellent Breaking Bad episode 14 "Ozymandias" (S5 E14) and was amazed how everything from the script is rendered exactly the sa

Was Cary Elwes's evil scientist "Dr. Jonas Miller" a last minute addition to Twister (1996)?

I watched Twister for the first time today and was struck by how much of an afterthought the "evil competing scientist" subplot seemed. So much so that I suspec

What's the difference between "screenplay by" and "story by"?

I am wondering if the story on which the 2018 film Christopher Robin is based has been published anywhere, and it appears not. Its Wikipedia page states: Chris

Question about dialogue in F/X (1986)

Lipton the Justice Department official tells Rollie Tyler, "I really admired your stuff, ever since 'Vermin from Venus.'" Rollie's female assistant responds,

On a multicam show, who has access to the full script?

On a scripted multicam show that is shot live, such as a sitcom, which members of the production typically have access to the full script? Obviously the writers