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Did the Red Dwarf Season 3 intro steal the crash sound from Empire Strikes back where Luke lands on Degobah?

I was watching the honest Trailers review of Empire Strikes Back, and I heard the crash sound for Luke on Degobah. It made me think of something. Here is Luke

Why does Luke leave the wampa’s cave?

In the first act of The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker is attacked and captured by a large bipedal creature called a wampa that hangs him unconscious from

Why does Darth Vader not use the Force to prevent Luke from falling?

In Star Wars: Episode V– The Empire Strikes Back, When Darth Vader gives Luke the news that he is his father, Luke is hanging just a few feet away from Va

Is this sequence in "Star Trek" (2009) a reference to a Hoth sequence from "The Empire Strikes Back"?

In the Kelvenverse timeline, which begins in Star Trek (2009), there is a sequence where alter-Spock attempts to rid himself and the Enterprise crew of alter-Ja

Luke's failure at the cave

In The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke is leaving for Bespin, Yoda implores him to remember his failure at the cave. Obviously, this is a reference to the cave t

Why did Han shoot at Vader?

In The Empire Strikes Back, when Lando sells out Han and the good guys to the Empire he arranges a meeting where he leads Han, Leia, and Chewbacca into an ambus