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What is the metal that was melted in episode 1?

In episode 1 of The Mandalorian, the protagonist is given a chunk of metal that he then takes to another Mandolorian who melts it down and makes a shoulder piec

What is the meaning of this question asked by the Mandalorian armorer?

When the main character in The Mandalorian brings beskar metal to the armorer, she asks him "Has your signet been revealed?" The Mandalorian replies that it ha

How to prepare for The Mandalorian?

I was thinking to start The Mandalorian but not sure how much Star Wars I should watch before it to prepare. There are so many sequels, prequels, midquels and

The (potential easter-egg) origins of Calamari Flan in The Mandalorian

Before "The Mandalorian" I had not heard usage of the Mon-Calamari currency known as the Flan. I am curious if there is any information that this may be an east

How does a Mandalorian eat food if he never takes his helmet off?

I am currently watching The Mandalorian and in an episode, it is mentioned that these bounty hunters never take their helmet off. So, how do they eat food, espe

How was “The Child" found or tracked to the krill farmers?

In The Mandalorian, I suspected that maybe Baby Yoda had a tracking device on him. But there’s no evidence of that. Mando also chose that planet and farm

Is there a canonical reason that the protagonist of the Mandalorian is still unnamed?

To my knowledge those wearing Mandalorian armor have always had a proper name (e.g., Boba Fett, Jango Fett), as well as other works I'm not familar with, refere

Are the artworks at the end of each chapter of The Mandalorian concept art or created post-production?

At the end of each chapter of The Mandalorian there's a collection of artworks that's shown. Some of them are near exact depictions of various scenes from that

What are the masks and droids in "The Mandalorian" intro?

The Mandalorian intro shows a set of masks and droids that are famous throughout the Star Wars universe. I've recognized a fe

Where did all the Mandalorian gear come from?

In the final episode of The Mandalorian season 1, Din Djarin finds the Armorer surrounded by a pile of armor. She claims some of the Mandalorian have escaped of

Is this scene with Djarin and the Child an allusion to a scene in E.T.?

As many might know, it's not uncommon to see references between George Lucas and Steven Spielberg works in each other's films, whether it be Star Wars' R2-D2 &a

How can there be a baby Yoda in "The Mandalorian" when the Empire hasn't been formed yet?

In the first episode of The Mandalorian, the bounty hunter finds "baby Yoda", who is apparently 50 years old. There are also Stormtroopers in the episode. He al

Is there any John Williams-derived music in "The Mandalorian"?

When I watched The Mandalorian, I was pleasantly surprised that the show had chosen to go its own way musically, with a very unique sound for its main theme, ra

Why couldn't they handle that one stormtrooper?

In The Mandalorian S01E08, at around the 20:00 mark, they've pretty much taken care of all the stormtroopers. The Mandalorian is dying and he exchanges dramati

Was Amy Sedaris' role on Mandalorian counter to the entire Star Wars aesthetic?

It's been noted that her wardrobe and hair were from Ripley in Alien. However, my question relates to two things I also observed: Pacing: Star Wars is know for

What was given to Cara Dune at the end of The Mandalorian S2E4?

At the end of the fourth episode of season 2 of The Mandalorian, after talking with Cara Dune about being from Alderann, Captain Teva leaves some kind of medal

Does Beskar armor resist lightsabers?

In S2, E5, when Din Djarin (the Mandalorian of the title) fights against a Jedi, his Beskar armor is able to fully protect him from slashes from a lightsaber. I

How did the New Republic identify the Razor Crest?

In S02E02 of The Mandalorian, the Razor Crest is "pulled over" by New Republic traffic cops, who manage to get Mando to turn on his transponder. From this they

In "The Jedi", why did Lang the mercenary only fake a truce with the Mandalorian? Wasn't it really in his interest?

In The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 5: "The Jedi", the Mandalorian teams up with the Jedi Ahsoka Tano to kill a local autocrat (Elsbeth), her mercenary Lang an

How does the Mandalorian succeed in having his face scanned?

In Season 2, Ep 7, the Mandalorian has to take his imperial trooper helmet off in order to have his face scanned by an imperial data terminal. He is successful