How does the Mandalorian succeed in having his face scanned?

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In Season 2, Ep 7, the Mandalorian has to take his imperial trooper helmet off in order to have his face scanned by an imperial data terminal.

He is successful in doing it.

How did this happen? His face should not be recognised by any imperial data server.

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My take on this is that this might be part of the scanning process Mayfeld mentioned when they were overlooking the transport route.

"When you get scanned and your genetic signatur shows up on any new-republic register, you're gonna be detected and it's guns out."

Since Mando is not part of these registers (I assume) he could scan his face without tripping the alarm.

I guess as "remnants" of the empire they might not have the possibilities to create a record on each and every one of their troopers/captains/squads/etc., so tapping into republic records to keep unauthorized personel from accessing the terminals is the next best thing. People like Mando being off the records might either be an oversight or a calculated risk.

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Do you ever see his face in the Mandalorian?

He makes one sad, fruitless attempt at keeping his stormtrooper disguise on while doing the scan, but immediately a warning alarm sounds, and he has to remove the helmet. For only the second time in this series, the actor Pedro Pascal \u2014 the star of \u201cThe Mandalorian\u201d \u2014 shows his face.

How did Din Djarin access the terminal?

Once the scanning process begins, a warning goes off, stating that failure to allow a facial scan will restrict access to the terminal. Mando, aka Din Djarin, takes off his helmet. More disoriented without a helmet than when wearing one, he allows the terminal to make a scan of his face\u2026

Why does the Mandalorian never show his face?

The Mandalorian series has done a pretty thorough job explaining why Din Djarin never shows anyone his face: Just like his weapons, it's all part of his religion.

What episode of the Mandalorian do you see his face?

Mando shows his face | The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 7 - YouTube.

Why Mando Showing His Face Is So Important! [The Mandalorian Season 2]

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They scan the face to monitor who used the terminal.

The Empire is in ruins and there are many different factions, so they probably don't have records for every troop from offworld anymore.

They might not even keep such a database for the same reasons that the Rebellion wouldn't have - OpSec.

But... they'd probably be able to slice into official republic databases and keep tabs on their operatives.

They might not auth against a central Imperial database anymore, but they can certainly auth against their hacked Republic info and sound an alarm if they get a hit.

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