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Why did the humans not communicate pictorially to the aliens in Arrival?

If I was confronted with someone who could only communicate through symbols, my first instinct would be to also communicate through symbols. In fact the entire

Did the moment when the Chinese general tells his phone number actually happen? [duplicate]

In the movie Arrival, the main character has dream-like premonitions of events that happen later. She also has what is apparently a premoniti

What are the units for these numbers?

In the movie Arrival, Ian decoded the final diagrams on a computer. The computer shows these diagrams. They contain only numbers and no units at all. What a

What does the bird symbolize in Arrival?

What does the canary in the cage, seen inside the Alien ship, and brought by the human scientists, refer to or symbolize?

How could Louise tell this to the Chinese General?

How could Louise be able to tell the Chinese General his wife's last words on the phone in the present while he told her that in the future?

What exactly happened to Louise's first husband in Arrival?

In Arrival, as I understood Louise's husband had abandoned her and her daughter. However, I feel like I've missed on the true reason why. We see that he is not

Would the 18 months later conversation between Louise and General Shang still be the same after the events of the movie?

Would the 18 months later conversation between Louise and General Shang in Arrival still be the same after Louise having accessed the information from that conv

Did the creators of "Arrival" intend to share a pro-life message?

The ending of Arrival (2016) seems to me to be an argument for the pro-life movement and I've seen several opinion articles claiming the same thing. For Examp

Why did humanity need to work together to get the Aliens' gift if Louise had it already?

I didn't understand why exactly the aliens wanted Earth's nations to cooperate in order to receive. It seems the gift was the language which allowed one to se

How can the behavior of the aliens be explained?

After the alien spaceships arrived, first they were just waiting to be approached. As they are the ones that came with a mission, it makes sense that they shoul

Where do these aliens come from?

I've seen Arrival but there are things that are not explained. In the movie, the aliens come from somewhere using the spaceship called 'shell'. Where do they co

Why did the aliens leave as soon as the strike was called back in Arrival (2016) [closed]

SPOILER ALERT: This was probably discussed before but if the Aliens did indeed come to pass on the 'gift' to humans, why did they leave as soo

Please explain what happened to Abbott at the end of Arrival

Almost at the end of the movie when Louise voluntarily goes to the shell and she meets Costello and asks about Abbott..and as a response Costello says tha

Do Aliens intend to teach every human being the Universal language?

At the end of Arrival, Louise has completely understood the "Universal" language. As a result of which, she can view all her life laid out in front of her

Where did they say 3,000 years?

After watching Arrival, I read up on it. Many posts online talk about the aliens saying they'll need help in 3,000 years. So I watched it again when Louise talk

In "Arrival," how does Louise communicate with the alien without visual aids?

In one of the last scenes of Arrival, Louise boards the ship on her own and communicates with the alien Costello simply by speaking English. In the previous sce

What does Louise write on the barrier with Abbott?

In the movie Arrival, Abbott starts tapping on the barrier so Louise will write on it. She tells Ian that she can't do it with both hands, which prompts Abbott

Arrival Non-zero sum game? [closed]

In Arrival, how is a non-zero sum game more "science-y" than a win-win game? A non-zero sum game can be all of win-win, win-lose, and lose-los

How does Louise even begin to understand aliens at all?

In Arrival, how does Louise begin to understand the aliens? There is absolutely no frame of reference or any common vocabulary between the languages. How does L

What could be the undetermined issue that aliens would be facing 3000 years in the future in the Arrival movie? [duplicate]

It's my understanding that the aliens came to our planet to teach us how to understand heptapod, their circular language and method of communi