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Why does MacLaren die in the first episode of Travelers?

I just started watching Travelers, and I am confused as to why MacLaren died. They saved him from falling down the elevator shaft, therefore he should have live

The Travelers loophole

When identifying to another Traveler, a Traveler simply states "I'm Traveler XXXX". This seems to be a pretty cavalier way of identifying oneself to another Tra

How does Dr. Perrow know Grace is Traveler 0027?

During the interrogation in Travelers, when Grace mocked Dr. Perrow (probably Vincent Ingram who had transferred his consciousness into Dr. Perrow), Dr. Perrow

What was Grant looking for at the end of the season 3 finale?

In the final scene of the Season 3 Finale of Travelers, just when he sends an email to the 'Director', Grant appears to look through the window, as if he is awa

How did Travelers bring matter/objects/artifacts into the past?

Travelers travel back in time by somehow planting information into the mind of a present-day person by the use of some quantum mechanism and a "TELL" (nevermind

Why the strong connect to hosts in The Travelers?

So I started and finished watching The Travelers and I may have missed some details (falling asleep doesn't help...) Some of the Travelers have some strong con