Did the Joker say that the villains probably work for Google?

Did the Joker say that the villains probably work for Google? - City Lights Under Night Sky

English is not my native language, therefore the question. Did The Joker in The Lego Batman Movie say to the pilot that some of the villains probably work for Google?

Pilot: Ok, are you making some of those up?

The Joker: Nope, they are all real... probably work for Google.

This is the clip with the video.

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I'm having difficulty finding a copy of the movie's script online to confirm (lots of "early drafts" from like 2013, but no final shooting scripts that I can find - in particular none containing this scene) HOWEVER I'm fairly certain that what the Joker actually said was this:

Nope, they're all real... Probably worth a Google.

He's using "Google" as a verb - suggesting the pilot should go online and "google" (ie: search for) the more obscure super-villains he named.

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According to Screenrant, as well as a couple of other reviews I looked at, The Joker is indeed saying "worth a google". In the English language, the proper name Google has become slang for looking something up on the Internet - even when not using the popular search engine. The term is typically used as a verb (i.e. - "google it"), but can also be used as a noun (i.e. - "let's do a quick google and find out"). It is the latter which The Joker is using in this context.

For anyone who has seen a Batman film, read a Batman comic, played a Batman game, or has a general knowledge about the character, some of these villains will be recognizable. Riddler (Conan O’Brien), Scarecrow (Jason Mantzoukas), Bane (Doug Benson), Two-Face (Billy Dee Williams), Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz), and Penguin should be familiar, but after that, it takes a really hardcore Batman fan to recognize the other villains.

Crazy Quilt, Eraser, Polka Dot Man, Mime, Tarantula, King Tut, Orca, Killer Moth, March Harriet, Zodiac Master, Killer Ghost, Clock King, Calendar Man, Kite Man, Catman, Zebra Man, and Condiment King, on the other hand, will be new to most. Just like the pilot in the video, most may wonder if these are all really villains Batman has faced over the years. As Galifianakis' Joker says, "It’s worth a Google."

SOURCE: http://screenrant.com/lego-batman-movie-video-joker-dc-villains/

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