"Beaver" joke in PTA's "Licorice Pizza"

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In the 2021 movie Licorice Pizza by Paul Thomas Anderson, the main character Gary makes an awkward joke that, as far as I could understand, goes like this (not verbatim):

(on the TV show stage)

  • Host: How are things going for you, Gary?

  • Gary: Last week I did three beavers.

  • Host: You mean Leave it to Beaver?

  • Gary: Three beavers.

Can someone explain to me as a non-native English speaker and non-American what Gary is referring to here?

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"Beaver" is a euphemism for female genitalia. Still used, but more common in the early 70s. I would say using "Leave it to Beaver" (the TV show) in a joke of this nature was about as commonplace as jokes about Uranus.

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Answer 2

Continuing from the first answer, he's implying that he had sex three times.

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