Was Bane's destiny pre-plotted?

Was Bane's destiny pre-plotted? - Gold and Silver Baubles on White and Blue Floral Table Cloth

It's of no doubt that Talia was the mastermind behind the plan and Bane her executor. Did she plan for Bane to be sacrificed(if needed) for the successful execution of the plan?

I ask this question because towards the end Talia asks Bane to keep Batman alive so that he can "feel the heat" and also bids "Goodbye my friend" to Bane, kind of implying that he was to meet his end too with Batman.

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Considering the fact that they were mere moments from being in the blast radius of a nuclear explosion, I can confidently argue that neither Talia nor Bane expected to get out of this situation alive, and that their eventual death was part of their plan.

This sequence is merely Talia and Bane recognizing that, if their plan comes to fruition, that moment will be the last they see of each other. Also from the looks of the plan, Talia was merely leaving to ensure the bomb will go off and that no last minute rebellion from the police, military, or whatever stragglers remains would interfere.

Obviously they both failed in their overall plan and met their demise regardless, just not in the way they hoped.

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Why did Bane make the guy stay in the plane?

Its because the police guy at the plane said that only one person was supposed to be at the plane. So bane wanted the guys to stay so that the investigators would believe that the doctor (dead guy with real doctors blood), the police guys and the one person died in a 'accidental' plane crash.

How much older is Bane than Talia?

10-19: Talia Al Ghul is about 10, escapes the prison, Bane is at least in his late teens, early 20s.

Why does Bane wear that mask on his face?

"Bane is someone ravaged by pain from a trauma suffered long ago," Nolan said. "And the mask dispenses a type of anesthetic that keeps his pain just below the threshold so he can function."

Did Bane work for Talia?

Talia was the daughter of Ra's al Ghul and the leader of the League of Shadows. Following the death of her father, she took up his mantle as his heir and patiently sought Gotham City's destruction with the aid of her ally Bane.

The legend of ras al ghul /Thalia Al Ghul and Bane

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There mission behind the attack on Gotham city by both Talia and Bane was to, like Ras-Al-Ghul thought, perish the city as corruption in the city went too far for correction. So they planned to attack with nuclear bomb, so that nobody could escape alive from Gotham. The only problem in front of the success of their plan was the Batman. So to make sure the bomb goes off as planned, they chose not to leave the city. Here the psychology of Suicide Bomber sometimes matches with the attitude of them. They knew from the start if they stay in the city they will die like @tyler pointed out, the blast radius is too big for anybody to escape from it. But they also wanted to made it a success, which Batman could hamper. So they decided to rather stay. So we can conclude that they wanted to stay and die for the reason. She loved him and wanted him to join her for the noble (!) cause.

As far as Talia is concerned, I don't think she wanted to leave the city alone or sacrifice Bane. You see, Talia had the trigger to blast the bomb and she did not try to escape while pressing it. Its because of Gordon's try the bomb did not went off then. She did not merely use Bane for the success of the plan.

I think Bane joined her just because they loved each other and he also wanted to join Talia for the so called "noble" reason (Don't forget he was also the disciple of Ras-al-Ghul). So they knew they were going to die. Bane beat Batman because he was angry on him like any criminal should be. He also wanted to make sure that Batman passes away as early as possible, because there is nothing more stupidity than keep ones enemy alive. After all we cant deny he was an A-1 criminal. That is why before Talia left him she bid the last Good Bye to her protector cum lover Bane.

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