What was Jack's motivation in Felina?

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Somewhat related to Why does Jack let Walt go?; why does Jack want to kill Walt in the last episode of Breaking Bad? Walt shows up under the pretense of wanting to make a deal to teach Todd a new method of making meth. Assuming that Jack has no idea about Walt's true intentions to get revenge and kill them all, why does he immediately order his men to kill Walt?

When Walt and Jack last saw each other, Jack let Walt keep some of his money and let him go. All the reasons that he let him go should still apply. He and Walt were not enemies. So why does he want to kill Walt as soon as he hears that Walt asked to make a deal with them?

He provides reasons for why he turned down the deal, but turning down the deal shouldn't make them mortal enemies.

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Walt was a loose cannon. Jack had a good thing going with the meth empire. Walt was now a world-famous criminal, who had recklessly returned to the lion's den.

Walt was dangerous. Who knows what he might have done if Jack had turned him down? And how could Jack trust/work with someone who had betrayed Krazy-8, Tuco, Gale, Gus, Mike, and Jesse? That's six separate examples of backstabbing. Jack might not have known about all of them, but he knew enough. Jack had already given Walt a chance to go away quietly, and he had failed to take it.

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Why did Jack spare Walt?

Jack let Walter go for two reasons: The series consistently demonstrates the neo-Nazis aren't a particularly intelligent assemblage of criminals and thus allowing a man who clearly had shown that he was willing to pay to commit mass murder for far less than stealing from him is yet another instance of this.

Is Felina an anagram for finale?

"Felina" is an anagram for "finale", and is also the feminine version of the word "feline" in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The song involves the unnamed cowboy being driven away from his love "Felina" and later returning only to die in her arms.

Why is Felina in Breaking Bad?

But then, why is the episode called "Felina" instead of "Faleena?" Fans didn't take long to figure out that the word is an anagram of "finale," a clever and intentional choice by Vince Gilligan and Breaking Bad's creative team.

Does Jack take Walts money?

Revenge. Jack & Todd stole 80% of his money and killed Hank and Steve. It was this action that finally destroyed Walt's chance to simply return to his family. To protect his family from being threatened by Jack & Todd.

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I always thought it was because Todd knows how to make a good quality of meth, and now Walt is a competitor not an ally. Plus he has so much heat on him that there is no trace of the communication between Walt and Jack. I also think there was still lingering tension with Jack killing off Gomez and Hank.

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