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Was the siege on for a whole day or over several days?

In White House Down the siege looks like it hasn't had a single night in it. Was it going for a whole day or was there night in the movie too?

Where did Kale get the grenades from?

You see in White House Down that the White house has been taken into siege. Kale has been trapped inside but not taken hostage and manages to save the Presiden

How did they film the special forces helicopter crashes?

in White House Down, We see in the following youtube clip: That when special forces went to attack the White House, the capti

Why did she suddenly turn on the agency?

In the movie White House Down (2013), we know that a bomb is on its way to blow up the White House. During this time, in one agency, they call an opposing opera

Why did John Cale remove a bullet from the gun?

A few days ago, I watched White House Down (2013). At one point, John Cale gives his gun to someone to be stored, and after removing the magazine, he takes one