Discrepancy in Thanos's use of time stone in Infinity War

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In the movie Doctor Strange when the time stone was being used to fight Dormamu, every time Strange set the time back his position got reverted back to the original place he appeared. However in the movie Avengers: Infinity War the only thing which resets when Thanos uses the time stone is Vision getting his life back. All the other Avengers' positions as well as Thanos' position do not revert back to the original setting. I do not understand how that could be explained even if Thanos did use the power of reality stone as well at the same time (which is not shown in the movie).

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As seen in the Doctor Strange movie, the whole universe doesn't have to be affected by the time stone. One of the first things he does with the Eye of Agamotto is age and reverse age an apple.

This shows that the time stone is able to alter objects in localized spaces and allows Thanos to revert Vision to his former self without reversing all of the universe.

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Can Dr Strange beat Thanos with the Time Stone?

Before he snapped his fingers, however, Doctor Strange meditated and entered a trance, looking through 14 million possible outcomes in the battle against the Mad Titan. Only one of them leads to the Avengers defeating Thanos. In that one, Stephen Strange gave Thanos the Time Stone which leads to the five year blip.

How did Thanos have the Time Stone in What If?

Thanos only begins to struggle when he's confronted by the Avengers at Titan, but by that point, his victory is inevitable. Thanos receives the Time Stone directly from Doctor Strange and completes the Infinity Gauntlet by ripping the Mind Stone off Vision's head without breaking a sweat.

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There are several possible reasons for this:

  1. We don't know the full capabilities of the Time stone / Amulet of Agamotto. When fighting Dormamu he needs to reset time in an entire dimension, in another he just needs to reset time in one locality or for one being. We see him doing the same thing with the apple in the Doctor Strange movie. In Infinity War we also see him using the stone to send his consciousness to review possible futures. The stone appears to have many time-related capabilities, not just one.

  2. He's fighting Dormamu in a dimension unlike ours, which does not have time. Perhaps the stone operates differently there. There he is able to reset the situation between himself and Dormamu but both remember what happened before. He is able to use this to "bully" Dormamu into abandoning his plans.

Personally I favor the first explanation.

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After Dr. Strange goes to Dormamu's realm, but before he speaks with Dormamu, he uses the time stone to create a time loop, which visually looks like a green circle going around his wrist (essentially being a magical bracelet).

When Thanos had use of the stone, the user didn't choose to start by making a time loop in the beginning. Since the stone's power was used in different ways, the "end effect" was different.

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