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In the last scene where Mia and her husband walk into Seb's, she finds out its the jazz club Sebastian had always talked about running (Which he wanted to call 'Chicken on a stick' previously). After Sebastian finds Mia, he starts playing the Piano and the whole scene that follows is what could have been Mia and his story together, which is quite heartbreaking. Are these thoughts only in Sebastian's mind or is even Mia thinking the same?

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In my opinion, it's pure speculation whether all, or some of the scenes belong only to one of Mia's or Seb's imagination. The ending is bittersweet, Mia and Seb "live" their "could have been" lives in those moments.

For the viewer, it is irrelevant whether those scenes are imagined by one of the characters in the movie. He/She is nonetheless forced to think, to wonder, and to dream of what life "could have been" for them.

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What is the message behind La La Land?

At its core, \u201cLa La Land\u201d is more than just a film about \u201cchasing your dreams.\u201d It is a film about how we tell stories, particularly in a visual form. Chazelle employs colors to demonstrate the progression from dreams to reality, a major theme in the film.

Is the ending of La La Land happy or sad?

As Sebastian finishes his piece and Mia stands to leave, the two share a brief parting smile. After their shared moment, they divert their attention away from each other, and the movie concludes with a nostalgia-inducing flourish.

What does the ending of La La Land mean Reddit?

The most straightforward interpretation of this is that they are imagining their lives together before they go back to reality.

Why did Mia and SEB not end up together?

At the end of the film, Sebastian is able to own his own jazz club, while Mia lands a starring role in a Paris-filmed project that jump starts her acting career. While making their dreams come true, both Mia and Sebastian go their separate ways and never rekindle the romance they shared.

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