What does Morty do to Summer's ex boyfriend?

What does Morty do to Summer's ex boyfriend? - Couple having healthy picnic together in summer

In the latest episode of Rick and Morty, The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy, what does Morty do to Summer's ex boyfriend, Ethan?

It is not very clear.

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Morty mutates Ethan with the Morphizer-XE

We do not actually see this until after the credits; the Rick and Morty Wikia summarise the scene quite well:

In a post-credits scene, a mutated Ethan is seen walking home, presumably by Morty for hurting Summer and as a lesson in shallowness. The three tech support aliens spot him, but decide not to help due to their newfound freedom. Their relief turns to horror, however, when one is carried away by an eagle.

- "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy" @ The Rick and Morty Wikia

The scene focuses on the three tech support aliens that Beth released from the Morphizer-XE, but we can see a mutant Ethan slowly making his way along the highway, above.

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Is Morty still in love with Jessica?

They fight consistently throughout the series and Jessica was last seen romantically with Morty. It can be assumed that Brad and Jessica have had a falling out by this point; however, no information is given. It is revealed in "Rest and Ricklaxation" that they have broken up.

Who did Morty break up with?

Ultimately, Rick & Morty's season 5 finale further reaffirmed the message found in Morty's break-up with Planetina \u2014 namely that, despite the high cost it has on his happiness, the show's hero is proving more morally resilient as the series continues.

Who did Morty fall in love with?

1. Jessica. When it comes to Morty's love interests, Jessica is the obvious answer as to who should land in first place. She's the only girl Morty's pursued constantly throughout the series and is the primary motivation for plenty of his actions.

Does Summer care about Morty?

The revelation convinces Summer to stay with her parents. Summer seems to be a little jealous of her brother, as he is always going on adventures with Rick, but she mostly expresses her jealousy to Morty, and not Rick.

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