Why did Dr. Malcolm suddenly believe Cole?

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In The Sixth Sense, Dr. Malcolm at one point tells Cole that he will not be able to help him and that he will contact someone else that can.

After this, Dr. Malcolm listens to the recordings of himself and Vincent talking. In the recordings Dr. Malcolm can hear "I don't want to die" being repeated over and over in Spanish.

This, somehow, makes Dr. Malcolm change his mind, but I do not understand why.

Prior to listening to the recordings Dr. Malcolm tells Cole that he does not believe that he can see dead people, after listening to it it may seem like Dr. Malcolm changed his mind.


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It's not all of a sudden. He had listened to these tapes before, but on listening to them again he could hear what could be the ghosts that Vincent was telling him he heard. That would support the claim that Cole can actually see dead people.

From Wikipedia:

At first, Crowe thinks Cole is delusional and considers dropping his case. Remembering Vincent, the psychologist listens to an audiotape from a session with Vincent when he was a child. On the tape, when Crowe leaves the room, Vincent begins crying. Turning up the volume, Crowe hears a weeping man begging for help in Spanish, and now believes that Cole is telling the truth and that Vincent may have had the same ability.

Because he feels guilty for not being able to help Vincent, and not wanting to make the same mistake again Dr. Malcom decides to trust that Cole is telling the truth.

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Did Cole know Malcolm was a ghost?

Most people assume that Cole would tell Malcolm that Malcolm was dead, which is why they believe Cole is unaware of Malcolm's situation. However, there's no precedent for that \u2014 as far as we see, Cole does not inform the ghosts he meets that they are dead, including the ghosts he befriends.

Who hurts Cole in sixth sense?

Enter Bruce Willis' sceptical child therapist, Malcolm Crowe, who's got some experience dealing with this particular delusion. Over the course of the film, Malcolm slowly comes to realise Cole's telling the truth and he helps the little boy deal with the spirits that torment him.

Who killed Malcolm In The Sixth Sense?

For Donnie Wahlberg that was Vincent Gray, the disturbed former mental patient who propels 1999's "The Sixth Sense" into darkness after he breaks in and kills his former psychiatrist, Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis), before shooting himself.

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In addition to Luciano's answer on the tape you hear that when Dr. Malcolm reenters, he says that it is surprisingly cold. Cole mentioned that the presence of dead people makes the temperature drop before.

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