What kind of medicine is Dr. Poison administering?

What kind of medicine is Dr. Poison administering? - Medicines & thermometer

This contains major plot spoilers for Wonder Woman so proceed at your own risk.

What is Dr. Poison giving General Ludendorff that helps him get stronger and she says will help restore his strength? I understand the whole idea was to make him look like Ares and she was helping him get his strength back, but when it is revealed he isn't Ares, this just raises more questions.

My initial thoughts were it was some kind of adrenaline which is how he was able to crush the revolver he held right after, but it doesn't explain why his face glowed. Did I miss something that revealed what this was?

I heard a theory that it might be a precursor to Venom (Used by Bane). I will keep this open to other theories and possibilities until an answer is presented from the director or cast.

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It wasn't any medicine that can be found in the actual world. Even adrenaline won't make you be able to crush a gun into pieces. Further, adrenaline is usually administered via syringe or pills, not by snorting it.

Based on all of this we can infer it was just a fictional creation of the film.

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Why does Dr Poison wear a mask?

Isabel Maru, a Turkish chemist recruited by General Erich Ludendorff to create chemical weapons for the German Army and nicknamed Doctor Poison. Due to facial disfigurement, she wears a ceramic mask over the left side of her face.

Is Doctor Poison a real person?

Dr. Poison in the film is frightening enough, but in this case, there's a real-world analogue, someone who has been celebrated and castigated through the years. Our world's own complex character using science to help and hurt \u2013 Fritz Haber, the \u201cFather of Chemical Weapons.\u201d

Is Ares a Ludendorff?

But in a last-minute twist, it was revealed that Ludendorff (Danny Huston) was in fact, not Ares, as Diana (Gadot) had believed. He was just a psychotic German military officer who enjoyed breathing performance-enhancing gas.

Who plays Dr poison?

Spanish actress Elena Anaya plays the villainous Doctor Poison aka Dr. Maru in the WONDER WOMAN movie.

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